1. Seller send FCO/SCO to Buyer.
  2. Buyer review seller FCO/SCO and buyer signed on seller FCO/SCO and Buyer issue ICPO to seller.
  3. Against Buyer ICPO, the Seller has to Issue Sales Proforma Invoice and Sales Contract Agreement.
  4. After Signed Buyer in Sales Contract Agreement & Sales Proforma Invoice and send the Sales singed contract & Sales Proforma Invoice to Seller along with DRAFT Transferable Divisible Confirmed SBLC (MT760) at sight Copy.
  5. After seller approved draft Irrevocable Transferable Divisible Confirmed SBLC (MT760) at sight copy, Buyer Instruct to his Bank, then Buyer Bank issue Irrevocable Transferable Divisible Confirmed SBLC (MT760) to Seller Bank.
  6. Buyer Payment will be released against shipping document Bank to Bank , Please find below the shipping documents are involved in CIF Terms,
    1. Certificate of Origin
    2. SGS Quality and Quantity Certificate
    3. BL Certificate (If CIF)
    4. Commercial Invoice
    5. Packing List
    6. Freight Insurance (If CIF)
  7. The FCO/SCO Valid for 5 days from mailing date, within the duration buyer has to share email singed FCO/SCO copy along with Buyer ICPO.
Note: As per our Government policy We are responsible for only Indian legalization, If you have any legalization, attestation, other non-criminality fee, PB%,BG and other membership fee for us in your government or organization, that is fully responsible and the cost payable by buyers. Initial Shipment will be commence after 45 - 60 days of 1 0 0 % Irrevocable Transferable Divisible Confirmed SBLC MT760 at sight (Advising Bank Preferred by seller), because as per your ICPO we have to engage the requirements. SBLC MT760 Issuing Bank Must be international Top prime Bank. After received Irrevocable Transferable confirmed SBLC (MT760) at sight from buyer then we should be send commodities sample to buyer.